About Sonny:

Welcome to the website of Sonny: the best place in Amsterdam for the
finest, healthiest and tasteful vegetarian and vegan food! Sonny used to
be a cook in India before he came to Amsterdam, it was always his
dream to open up his own place. This dream came true and he called
his place Sonny! This wonderful vegeratarian place has been established
in 1992.
It’s Sonny’s passion to make the best, tasteful and healthiest vegetarian food for his customers.

Sonny worked very hard to create the best possible recipe for falafel and humus
and he is now famous for his unique recipes for falafel and humus. He only uses special liquid vegetable deep frying fat, which has been proven to be healthier
than other kinds of deep-frying fats. For example: Sonny’s fries contain 50 %
less fat than regular fries! All the food he sells is homemade, like salads,
sauces, falafel and fries, all without preservatives and food coloring. He uses
only pure olive oil in his recipes.

Sonny is located in one of the best areas of Amsterdam: in “de Pijp” district,
by the famous Albert Cuyp market, the Heineken Experience and the
Sarphatipark! You can get lunch or dinner every day from 11:00 am till 9:00 pm
in the winter, or from 11:00 am till 11:00 pm in the summer. Feel free too look
around at the website for more information about the food, pictures and how to
get there! Don’t hesitate to visit Sonny when you are in Amsterdam, you don’t
want to miss his food!